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Hair extension and solution •Welcome• Feel free Indore• since 2011 before and after women hair wig •female wig• New Look indore • since 2011 before and after women hair wig •chemo patient wigs• Get noticed Indore• since 2011 hair wig's for men •male wig• New Look indore • since 2011 Non surgical hair repalcement | hair extension and solution for men and women

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Indore (M.P.) • since 2015

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Hair extension and Solution is one of the most luxurious non surgical hair replacement centre. Hair Extension and Solution retail hair service available. Finding the best hair extensions for your hair type can be quite a task. It should be thought of as the most affordable facelift because fuller hair makes every woman/man look at least 5 years younger. In our humble opinion, most people don’t appreciate the luxury of access to 100% human hair whether for length, volume, or chemical-free highlights. While there are many different brands in Indore and many types of hair extensions available. It is important to remember that not all methods are created equal and the quality of the hair, but Hair Extension and Solution craftsmanship, warranties, etc. differs significantly from other brands

Indore (M.P.) • since 2015

How we do it ?

Hair extension and solution offers human hair extensions in various lengths that can be used to add volume or length or both. Most of the saloons are using synthetic with a cheap texture which looks fake and harms the hair as well. Hair extension is done by only experts because it is not easy as oiling hair, if done wrong they can damage your hairs. At hair extension and solution we ensure you get natural hair looks and we apply quality products that cannot harm your hair or skin. Once an expert installs the extended tresses, they are cut and fitted in sync with your natural hair.

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Mr.Praveen Khatve

Founder and Technician

Mr.Praveen Khatve is a Prof-Writer, Company Founder, and Technician in Hair Extension and Solution. Praveen Khatve mainly are technician in Hair, Skinn, and Makeup. Praveen Khatve have a experience of 15 years in Hair, Skin, and Makeup as a Technician. Our main work is Hair Extension, Hair Crossal, Hair Frontal, Males Hair wig, Females Hair wig, Alopecia care patients wigs, Chemo patients wigs, and all type Hair Extension.

Mrs. Vaersha Khatve


Mr.Vaersha Khatve is a Technician in Hair Extension and Solution. Varsh Khatve are technician in Hair, Skin, and Makeup. Varsha Khatve have a experience of 10 years in Hair, Skin, and Makeup as a Technician.


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